Mederma® PM Overnight Scar Cream

Scar Care Cream 20g

  • Acne
  • Burns
  • Injury
  • Surgery

SPECIALLY FORMULATED to help your skin's natural night-time repair process to visibly reduce the appearance of scars caused by acne, surgery, burns and injury, all while you sleep. Apply only once a day at night.

  • No. 1 Recommended
    No. 1 Recommended
  • Visibly Fades Scar Appearance
    Visibly Fades Scar Appearance
  • Unique Triple Benefit Formula + TriPeptolTM
    Unique Triple Benefit Formula + TriPeptolTM
  • Specially Formulated Night Cream
    Specially Formulated Night Cream

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During sleep our bodies work harder to help reverse the damage caused during the day, repairing and regenerating skin cells faster. Mederma® PM Overnight Scar Cream is formulated to complement this activity with TripeptolTM, a skin nourishing complex with peptides, collagen, and antioxidants to promote healthy looking skin. Plus, the non-greasy formula is safe for sensitive skin. Don’t give your scar a night off. Give it the benefit of overnight care with Mederma® PM Intensive Overnight Cream.

  • VISIBLY REDUCES SCAR appearance after just 14 days*
  • UNIQUE TRIPLE BENEFIT FORMULA penetrates beneath the surface of the skin to help: hydrates, soften, smoothen texture, and reduces redness of scars
  • No. 1 U.S. Doctor & Pharmacist recommended scar brand based on IQVIA ProVoice Survey, March 20212
Direction to use

For best results, start using Mederma® PM Overnight Scar Cream as soon as your wound has closed and continue using once nightly for at least 8 weeks on new scars and 3-6 months on existing scars. Make sure the scab has come off naturally and any stitches have been removed. On older scars you may start using Mederma® PM Overnight Scar Cream immediately. Do not apply to broken skin.

Generally, Mederma® PM Overnight Scar Cream users start to see noticeable improvement after about 14 days of daily usage, with optimum improvement in 8 weeks.

*Individual results may vary

  • For external use only.
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